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    Okay. [​IMG] I recently received an invitation for a party. It was from of my very good friends, who've I've known for a long time. The dilemma is, she has a rather- er, hyper dog that has bitten me before. Basically, it's known to bite and has bitten children before. (I'm not talking extremely deep, but I still do have a scar).

    They don't take very much responsibility over it, and for some reason they have gotten another dog. Ugh, I feel like a wimp saying this, but... I really don't want to see that dog again. I love dogs, but this one is out of control and I seriously don't want to get bit again. Fine, I admit, I'm scared. [​IMG] But I don't want to let her down.

    What should I do? [​IMG]
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  2. HarlansHollowFarms

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    Well, if you re-read your own post...I think you have answered your question!
    If you need to explain to your friend, tell her/him the do not want to be around the dog that has biten you. Simple [​IMG]
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  3. ranchhand

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    Don't go. I have been there, done that. A Dalmation got my whole left arm. I still have the scars.

    Ask if they will put the dogs up for the entire time. If they hesitate evan a nanosecond, don't go.
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    My GSD has a brother who his owners are my DH sister and her hubby...the dog bit one child..then put ten stitches in another..tried to attack my DH and I wont go to their house at all! I was attacked by a GSD when I was little and it brings back the memory! I am sorry they got the rotten dog out of the liter.. My dog is a gem...never even really barks!
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    Just tell them..

    I REALLY want to come but could you please put the dog up in another room?
    Dont be ashamed! Its not your fault! Maybe theyll realized they need to get the dog help..

    I never had a problem with dogs until two large boxer mixes backed me into a fence and started to attack. The owner (I was working her horse for her) heard me screaming and came running out.
    I didnt know what to do! There was a rake on the ground at my feet but I didnt want to reach down and grap it in case they were to grab my face or arm, didnt want to turn or climb the fence in fear they might bite my rear. Once they were put up I just started crying. It wasnt the pain, I was still shaken. They left a huge bruise on my leg..
    A seperate time I was going home early with a friend to a house party. Her dog was in the car. I jumped up to the car and the dog lost it. The guy had to sit in the back of the car and hold the dog away from me the entire time. Once we got to the house the dog backed me in a corner. All that fear rushed back. I asked them to put the dog away and they said they were sorry she was being that way and put her up in the car..

    People are usually understanding when it comes to things like this [​IMG]

  6. PotterWatch

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    I agree that you should say something to your friend. If she has a dog that bites, she needs to keep it away from guests at the party in general, not just you. I have had people ask if there was a way I could put my dogs away because their child is afraid of dogs. Mine have never bitten anyone, but I am happy to keep my dogs away from people who are frightened of them.
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    I'm very hesitant to confront anyone about anything, but I would have no problem telling a friend that I was afraid of her dog and asking would she put it up when I was there. Likewise, if anyone asked me to put mine up (nicely!) because they were afraid of them, I would not be at all offended. I would be shocked if one of mine bit anyone, but some people are just afraid of dogs and I understand that.
  8. thebritt

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    Quote:I agree. Get them to promise to put up the dogs or you won't be able to go there. Plain and simple!
  9. The Chicken People

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    I had a pit corner me up against the house and I cried out of fear even after he moved neice thought it was funny cuz its such a nice dog! The next time it jumped the fence and came after me my DH was standing there with a chain saw in his hand and told the owner..." I am two seconds away from putting your dog down"..when he came out and retrieved the dog! Then Dh said if his dog ever comes at me again he will not hesitate to do the deed! I havent had any more problems with his dog cuz my neice moved but I dont trust dogs who have bitten before its like its in them and they know it! Take everyones advise and tell them in advance how it bothers you!

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    Sad story,..but a little over a week ago in the next county over from us(matter of fact it was the day after Thanksgiving) an older man, 70 something, was walking home from a friends home and 4 or 5 dogs attacked him. They never said how or who got the dogs off of him, but he was flown to VA and was in intensive care for over a week. He passed away day before yesterday. Four of the five dogs was put down, one was not. I believe it was not in on the attack. The four dogs were all pits. The dogs were all owned by different people and all owners are facing charges at this point. They are also talking manslaughter charges last I heard.

    Dogs can be scary,...tell your friend the truth why you don't want to be there.

    ETA,..I just watched the 11:00 news,..the people are being charged with involuntary manslaughter. Pray for all invloved.
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