Black and yellow feet = Jersey Giant?


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Aug 30, 2013
Hello! I have one chick named Bagheera. :) My others are diseased. They got eaten by a hawk. Well, ones head was eaten and the other chick was missing. :/ But I was wondering if my chick is a Jersey Giant??? She is a black feathery chick, around 5-6 weeks old. Her legs are scaly (no mites) black. About one or two toes on each foot are yellow but the rest are black. Could it be a Jersey Giant? I'm thinking that it isn't an Australorp. But, it could be. Let me know if you'd like a picture. :) I can get one, tomorrow. :) ~My3ChicksMBD
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Maybe it's actually a cross breed because of the two different colors. Could that be? Maybe a cross between a Jersey Giant. Thanks! ~My3ChicksMBD
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From your description, I'd say Jersey Giant for now. However, the feet color of some chicks changes as they get older. For example, when Ameraucanas hatch, there legs aren't usually blue, but as they get older, their feet slowly change to the correct color. So, your bird might still be an Australorp. It will be easier to tell when she is older.
The yellow on the bottom of the foot is the skin color of the whole bird, this will not change as it ages. My sumatras hatch with varying degrees of yellow on the feet bottoms to well up their legs. As these sumatras grow the yellow will only stay on the bottom of the feet, even if some black also shows up on the bottom of the feet. Australorps have white/ pinkish feet bottoms because they have white skin not yellow, so if your chick has yellow on its feet bottoms it is a yellow skinned bird.
I looked at her feet today and it actually may be an Australorp. I'm so sorry if I am confusing :( but she is probably an Australorp. If she was a jersey giant, I probably would have had to pay more than two dollars for her :p

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