Black Araucana trio (all rumpless 2 are bilaterally tufted) NY/CT


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Dec 16, 2008
Because of limited space and time and financial reasons I have to sell my Araucanas. This auction is for 1 LF Black rumpless bilateral tufted Rooster 1.5 years old, 1 rumpless black bilateral tufted Hen 1.6 years old, and one rumpless Black clean faced pullet (offspring of the 2). They were from eggs I hatched from Gary on 2 separate occasions. The hen lays a light blue egg the pullet hatched from her egg.

These are older pics (the roo has filled in a lot more) and I have not yet taken pics of the clean faced pullet but I will tomorrow. I will also add some updated pics of them.

For whatever reason the hen will only lay fertile eggs if wearing a saddle, maybe the roo is too rough otherwise but he tries to be nice. When she is wearing the saddle she produces nice chicks. The roo is friendly and not aggressive at all I am able to be in small areas with them and handle the hen easily.

I would prefer pick up (New Rochelle NY or Stanford CT) but can ship them for $120 estimate (I will refund money if I am off I have done so for others as well) I have to see how they fit in the boxes I have it will probably be 2 boxes 1 large and 1 small.

Everyone has been raised on only certified organic feed no one has ever been sick, and all were vaccinated as day old chicks for Mareks disease. They are mite free but I will dust them again a day before shipping. They have received an organic de-worming of pumpkin seed and buttermilk but nothing chemical. Really good birds






Araucana eggs are ones on TOP LEFT

Oh that would be wonderful as I would love to not have to ship them

ok here pics of the pullet she was hatched this summer and should start laying in a few months. I will add new pics of the hen and roo in another day or so as camera died while taking these pics and I need to get my sisters charger
So far no leakage in feathers and she has a nice green sheen, I like her a lot which is why I was keeping her to add to the flock she is curious and friendly also.






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