Black Australorp Bantam

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    I'm looking to buy some black australorp bantams from a reputable breeder.
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    Sep 30, 2011
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    Gonna be really hard to find that here in America, just saying...
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    Jan 3, 2013
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    Check out this thread...

    Last year Spangledcornish said (in the thread I listed above) they had them and they ship, so you may want to check with them. They have pics of a couple of their birds in that thread too [​IMG] . And Kummer Poultry in WA was suggested as well...but from what I read though, he only ships eggs...don't know if you want to go that route...I mean, eggs or chicks that is. Here's a link on some member's experiences with him (the thread is a little old, but still, people reported good experiences)... The link in that thread to Kummer Poultry Farm leads to a shut down site, this is the link
    that's working...

    I was thinking about contacting both of them myself at one time, but I'm not sure if want anymore chickens just yet (well, I do, but I have to be practical...I can only fit so many...though I could always build a bigger coop and add on to the run, as I do have tons of wood and more fencing, lol!).

    Hope this helps. [​IMG]
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