Black Australorp Cross Questions

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    Sep 6, 2011
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    Out of my 3 chickens Australorp, Buckeye, And Barred Holland. The BA turned out to be a roo so we got rid of him when he started crowing. The BH got killed by our dog, and the Buckeye is the only one left. So I decided to hatch some of the most recent eggs from the 2 hens with my new homemade incubator. Out of the 6 eggs 5 hatched, 3 Buckeye/BA and 2 BH/BA. All the chicks look the same, Black with buff underside and wing tips. Some have buff on the side of their heads. My question: Does either cross produce sex-linked chicks. I'm pretty sure the BH/BA produces black sex link but what will the buckeye/BA look like and can they be sexed as well?

    If they can be sexed as chicks I will try and post pics.

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