Black Bear

3 NH reds

9 Years
Dec 5, 2011
Western Mass
Black Bear came by our deck and took the sunflower seed container away and chewed it, got both layers and made a hole but gave up seed was ok. Dogs were barking like mad one night and I just ignored it as they bark all the time. Next time I will look. Coops and birds were fine.

when bears wake up from hibernation it's time to take in the bird feeders, take better care of our garbage, etc etc. If it's an issue- put an electric fence around your hen house (and hen yard if you have one. We keep bears out of our two acre fruit orchard with three strand electric fence on a solar charged power unit- no costs once materials are purchased and put in place- it's not foolproof, but it all helps- build you coops right, use electric fence for bears, yotes etc and layer your protection as much as possible. good luck with your black furry visitor. Keystonepaul
Yea we did put up a solar electric fence for our coops, it packs one heck of a hit. One day our Lab went over and I could hear the snap and the yelp. My wife said coyote came by one night and met the same fate. I hope this would work on bear but I fear that it could ignore the zap and get in the run but at night they are safe in the coop.The thing that surprised me was that the footlocker had a gasket making it air tight and water proof, tells me how good bears sense of smell is. Lucky thing is he has not come back and if he did I would give him a warning shot first.
electric fence works good for bear, my old boss had trouble with his apple trees and grape vines getting torn down, he surrounded all of them with electric fence and never had another issue. You could also call your state dnr, they should have a trapping program for problem bears.
So far it never came back so I think all is well. If he does I think the sound of a 10 gauge shotgun warning shot will be enough

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