Black Bears my Fellow missoirians

can you hear me now?

11 Years
Jun 18, 2008
Southwest Missouri
Was watching the Springfield news last night and they caught some native black bears. Guess they said they did some tests and found they were linked to ozark bears, our native strain I am guessing. Looks like the same thing they said once again isn't here is making a come back. Any feedback anyone?
Da Bearz! (remember the Saturday Nite live skit?)
Send the bears back to Arkansas. They scare me ****less. I'd rather encounter a rattlesnake.
yep i see bears all the time on my farm.sometimes i have to shoot up in the air to scare them off when they get to close to my new born calfs or the other live stock they are making a big come back here in kentucky.
Black bears, turkeys, coyotes, and white tail deer are pushing out all over the eastern part of the country into areas they haven't occupied in a half century or more. Couple that with some many antihunting laws and the decrease in legal hunters and there are problems from disease and encounters every place. Even the turkeys are becoming an agricultural problem around here--they can devastate a cornfield.
Woodmort you are correct the turkeys and deer are devastateing to the corn crops.its gotten to the point that some areas you plant one crop for them and one for yourself. its not going to get any better untill they raise the amount that can be taken. and coyotes everywhere you go you can see and my son have shot as many as 32 in one day,when my cattle start calfing in the spring you better have plenty of shells and a good rifle or they will take at least 1/4 of your calfs.

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