Black & Blue Ameraucanas, Black and Blue Copper Marans Cockerels


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Dec 16, 2008
I have several 2-3 month old cockerels in both Marans and Ameraucanas. Several to choose from all look good with no leakage and feathering in nicely.

I took pics but they did not come out right so later today I will borrow my sisters camera and post pics.

your choice on who you would like presently there are 2 Blue Ameraucanas, 3 Black Ameraucanas, 1 French Blue Copper Marans, one French Black Copper Marans and 1 Olive egger (marans/AM cross)

All are friendly with no signs of agression, all are freeranging and have been raised organically. They were vaccinated for Mareks as day olds. They either hatched from a very dark brown egg (about a 5-6 on chart) and the Am's are from VERY blue eggs.
ok just got some pics of them. Since these guys will all end up in freezer camp if not sold they freerange the whole yard all day and are on a higher protein diet. I also feed them organic mealy worms So their health is excellent and they are all nice and muscular and know how too look for hawks as they often hang with my Pea fowl and turkeys all day
All are good boys used to people and none are aggressive at all. My 4 year old loves to feed them and run around with them. Photos of their parents can be seen on my page and on my website and past auctions. Marty is the Sire of the Marans and olive egger of course. Many photos were blurry or did not come out well so not all can be seen. If you are interested just let me know and I ill take more detailed pics of each.






LF only although I do have a lavender bantam roo Ameraucana that I have available I just have not listed yet. John B line
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