black chickens?!


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Apr 28, 2009
I bought two chicks from a feed store almost 3 weeks ago as day old chicks. They were the only two black ones in a huge crate of yellow ones... my heart went out to them. Anyway, I bought them without knowing the gender or breed, because the man selling them didn't know either.

The good news is, I'm pretty sure they're both pullets. The bad news is.... they are starting to look drastically different. As chicks, and even until a few days ago, we assumed they were the same breed because they looked identical... we had even decided that they were most likely just black sex links. This however, they are not, because they have no red on them. Hopefully someone knows what they might be!!!

Chick #1 (they haven't been named yet)
This one is almost solid black. No color in or on the tips of her feathers, just black. She does however, have a big white stripe going down her belly. Her comb is a pinkish color, and her beak is half black half pinkish skin tone color. And she is not camera shy!





Chick # 2
This one (also not camera shy) is completely black. Black beak, black comb, black legs.... The only thing is that there is almost like a silvery grey color on the tips of some of her feathers.




Please help me, if you don't know, ask your friends! I really want to know what these girls are..
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Those little penguins make me think black australorp (i know I misspell it in every post
) I don't really know though. Maybe this will help other people to offer their ideas
for the first one or for both of them? The first may be australorp... but she's so different from the second one... Also, don't australorps have white over their eyes and on their heads as chicks??
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I just hatched out some black jersey giant and rhode island red mix and barred rock and rhode island red mix and they are identical. I can send you pics. May be a jersey giant.

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