Black copper marans/blue wheaten ameraucana =white?*pics*


10 Years
Sep 19, 2009
central georgia
ok genetics gurus,
i am working on my olive egg pen.
i have 2 roos,one wheaten ameraucana and blue wheaten ameraucana(i hatched from pasofinofarms)
the only dark eggers i have are :
black copper
blue copper
mossy black coppers-i hatched these from the above and my black copper roo.

from this cross i have hatched mostly blue and black coppers and a few wheaten and one blue wheaten roo.and then this one.

i hatched this chick from a very dark egg.i watched it hatch and banded it as soon as it did because i wanted this one for a chick it looked like a splash or silver.

this is the 4 splashes that hatched-3 turned out splash and then the white one.the 3 splash are NOT from a marans egg.

it has a few white feathers on both legs

it is solid white.5 weeks old
the black on it is dirt-it was dust bathing.


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no one has any thoughts?
they are super friendly.
i love that a solid white hen will lay a dark green egg.
i really would like to know so i can produce some more of these.

She should be recessive white. Parents can have color and carry one recessive white gene. Each parent contributed one recessive white gene to the white bird.

Cross the white pullet to the father and you will produce more white chicks.

Would a white ameraucana crossed with black copper maran make a white bird that lays olives eggs? Or a chance at least? Thank you!

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