Black duckling??? How??


Apr 18, 2019
Northern Ontario Canada
So I have a mixed flock of khaki campbells and Indian runner ducks. These are my babies:
I just hatched some ducklings from them and it’s fun (for me lol) to try and figure out what babies came from what pairing. Here’s where I’m confused. I have a duckling born from a khaki Campbell egg that is pretty much black.
Is my tall runner male the dad or the khaki Campbell male?? I wouldn’t think the khaki Campbell male as khaki ducklings aren’t black.
But the other ducklings born from khaki eggs have yellow on their faces so I assume those ones are crossed with Indian runner.
So where does this black one come in??
Any one have any ideas?
The runner is the father. If the father is chocolate then the duckling will be too. If he is black then the duckling will probably be black, unless he carries a chocolate allele and passed it on.

Use this tool to see the possible combinations:
Hey thanks! The chocolate runner in the picture is female :)
I’ll check out the link.

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