Black fly larvae

My ducks say absolutely not - those things are gross. The quail seem to like them though.

But really, what do you mean by better? In terms of feeding to the birds... Both are treats and should be fed in moderation, mealworms are generally a bit pricier, but more palatable according to my birds. They’re similar enough in nutrition composition, although some will argue that BSFL are better depending on the diet they’re fed... they’re slightly higher in fat and lower in protein than mealworms.

or do you mean for raising yourself? They have different needs so the setup will be different... some people prefer one over the other. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Seems that BSFL are easier to grow for most.
I have black solider fly larva and I think they are easier . Look into meal worms and there seems to be a lot of steps to keep them going were as bsfl if you have the right bio pod they self harvest .and you just have to add food for them in the way of food scraps garden waist and what not. my birds go nuts if I just go over to the bio pod thinking there getting some

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