Black Frizzle chick FS in PA


11 Years
Feb 22, 2009
Ashtabula, Ohio
I have a young black frizzle chick that hatched out from my blue frizzle. I have no idea what hen he/she came from. I am uninterested in the frizzle type so I am getting rid of them. Gender at this age is uncertian. I would like five dollars for the chick. If he/she remains unsold he will go to an auction this Friday.

If you are interested in purchasing through shipment, I would like to wait till the chick is older. I can also hold on to it until gender is determinable.


This is the baby. He/she is a little older now and the feathers are curling up even more so. I will try to get a better picture soon. Also, the father showed his gender within days after hatching, this bugger isn't, so it may be a pullet.

Here is papa

I also have other chicks for sale of mixed breeds, dark brahma, and some assorted OEGB. Most are roosters, and if unpurchased here will be taken to a farm auction on Friday. Hens/pullets should be available in the fall.

As for where I live: My zip is 15046 and I am around thirty min away from Pittsburgh.
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