Black-Fronted Quail.

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    Jul 7, 2014
    Brisbane, Australia
    Hi guys.
    I bought a pair of Black-fronted quail about a month and a half ago. And I put them in the coop I started to discover about a egg a day,,,,7 eggs .
    Now I rang a mate because they normally only lay 3-4 if and that's if your lucky. I also was worried about the parenting burden on the male feeding 7 little gob's to feed.
    In saying that out of the 7 one didn't hatch so I couldn't help myself and popped it in the incubator,,( After all who am I god ) to give the little guy a chance.
    My mate proceeded to tell me that ''Oh yes She was in my Rainforest Avery.'' There about 9 males in there somewhere...
    I thought OMG! .
    so im not sure what to do, If they all survive I will be sitting pretty .
    He seems to doing well so far , I just have to keep the live food up for foraging etc.
    any other hints tips?

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