black light brahma chick?

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    Hi! I recently ordered a light brahma chick. When it arrived yesterday, most of her body was black. I know that some light brahmas are darker than others, and also that there is a dark brahma. Has anyone has anyone had a chick like this? If so, how did it turn out? I dont have any pictures, but feel free to post yours below! Thanks for any help! :)
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    I will try to add some pictures, but let me tell you when I chose my assorted bantams a couple years ago at the feed store, I ended up with a Light Brahma by picking the darkest chicks. I did NOT want a white chicken!
    Joke's on me, I love her and now have another to match.

    check out these (NOT MY PHOTOS):
    shows chick getting progressively whiter.

    View all photos by eleaserek in this thread

    @eleaserek I hope it's ok to share your photos. Please advise if not. p.s. Sparkle is beautiful!
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