Black Minorca and Light Brown Leghorn Hens For Sale in SW Missouri


11 Years
Mar 7, 2008
Black Minorcas:

I have a half dozen or so Black Minorca hens that we're going to sell. We don't have a rooster and really need to cut back on the breeds we have (I keep saying that and keep buying more things...

The hens are around 1-1.5 years old right now. None of them are molting and we've been getting eggs from them.

Hens are $12 each. If you want more than one then they're $10 each.

Brown Leghorns:

There is roughly the same number of Light Brown Leghorn hens for sale. They around just now hitting six months of age and their combs are turning bright red. They should start laying any day now.

Hens are $15 each or $10 each if you take more than one.

Generic Information:

I'm in Springfield, MO and can meet you within a reasonable distance if you want to buy multiple hens. I've never shipped live birds before so I'd rather not, but can if you twist my arm enough

The hens have been in with a Silver Laced Wyandotte and a vibrant "Rhode Island Red" colored Ameraucana rooster, so one of those is the likely father for any eggs you hatch out in the next week or two.

Send an email to omniskies at gmail dot com if you are interested in any.


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