Black sex link same chactoristics?


9 Years
May 25, 2010
I bought a few black sex link and all of them have different coloring. some have black feet some have red, some have red-orange chest and some have all black chest. some have white dot on their head and some don't
Black sex link females will usually have brown leakage in their chest. It can vary in how much.

Are you sure they are all black sex links? Can you post pictures, it would make it easier to tell.
yeah i see what u mean. i have some that are brown at the chest and some the is all black and some that have white dots all over their feathers. how do i post pictures?
The barred one on the right is a rooster. The one on the left I can't see well enough to tell sex. (it could be a sex link male, or a cuckoo marans - not barred rock they have yellow legs.) In the bottom picture, the black one is a rooster, and not a sex link.
huh well i guess the person i bought it from screw me over. do you know where can take a rooster if i don't want it?

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