Black sex links - Barred Rock confusion? Help!

Young MacDonald

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Apr 19, 2009
St. Louis, MO
I think I may have solved a mystery finally. I've been reading all the Barred Rock threads and posting on some trying to figure out whether 4 of my Barred Rocks were pullets or cockerels.

I couldn't figure it out - they had big combs like cockerels, but were very dark. They also had some blue in their feathers. So I was leaning towards cockerel based on the comb development (and I thought I heard a crow a few weeks ago, but that was only once so I think it might have been my imagination or one of the kids playing).

In the last week, I've noticed very light hackle feathers developing and on their backs, they have had some goldish feathers coming in, which leads me to believe I was sold black sex link cockerels. I've been looking on line, but most images are of either chicks or roosters.

So, two questions for the experts. . .

(1) Does anyone have photos of 12-14 week BSL cockerels they can post?

(2) Would the vendor have known what she was doing (she knew I was just a beginner) or was this an honest mistake on her part?

If they are black sex links the pullets will be black with some red or gold color around the neck and the roosters are barred like the barred rocks.
Thanks. They were sold to me as barred rock pullets, but I think they were actually black sex link cockerels.

Does the blue in the feathers indicate BSL?

Many of the images of BSL cocks have dark barring like a barred rock pullet with a lighter neck and some reddish tint in the feathers as well. For example, at feathersite, , the males have a little reddish/gold in them.

Does anyone know if that develops when they start to reach maturity and could look like a barred rock until then?

If they are BSL, any ideas whether the vendor knew what she was selling? I'm pretty sure the other 2 birds she sold me are actually barred rock pullets.
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That's too bad--there IS a difference between BSL cockerels and BR pullets, that's for sure!
I hope the seller didn't cheat you on purpose!

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