Black Silkie Trio

thunder creek farm

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8 Years
Dec 7, 2011
North East TN
[/URL]]Hi,I have a breeder quality trio of bearded black silkies..The cockerel has alittle bit of orange leakage in his neck.He has a nice sized cushion,medium size crest,dark eyes,tight wings,5 toes and the are correctly spaced,nice foot feathering,lots of beetle green sheen and he has a small black comb. The hen has a medium size crest,black eyes,tight wings,correctly spaced 5 toes,medium sized cushion,good foot feathering and nice small black comb. The pullet has large crest,medium size cushion,good foot feathering,tight wings,black eyes.She has blue underfluff but the rest of her is black.PM or email me for pics.I haven't figured out how to upload pics yet. I can ship or local pickup.
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To ad pictures you need to go up to your uploads and upload a picture. Then copy under the pic where it says img and pastit on your ad.

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