Black Spanish Poult coloring


11 Years
Sep 19, 2008
Northern Central Virginia
I just got some Black Spanish poults and I noticed that some have solid white heads and others have black spots in the white. Is there a preference as to what will be a more correctly colored bird or does it make no difference? Also, I have gotten pretty good at guessing gender on my Royal and B. Red poults from the feather coloration, is there any trick to telling gender with the Black Spanish while they are still young?

Should look something like this. This is a pic of a Mottled Black Spanish poult but real similar when they are a day old.

The kids took the battery out of my camera to recharge it and can't remember where they put it :-(

Mine look similar to what you posted except the white extends further back on top of the head (to about the same place the white on the sides of your guy's head stops) On some the white is solid and some have a few black polka-dots on the white.

This is the first year we have had Spanish blacks, But I did read someplace that the snood size in the first weeks or so can be a clue as to there sex.

Smaller bumps may be female.

Again I read that some place, but have no idea if it really is true or not. But it's not an excepted method for sexing.


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