Black Spot on Wattle

Dale River

In the Brooder
Sep 9, 2020
My daughter’s Starlight Green Egger has a black spot on her wattle. I was unable to remove it. It felt adhered to the wattle—like if I kept trying to get it off I was going to pull off part of the wattle...almost scab-like. She is the only hen with this, but I did find a couple of what I think are red mites on the comb of another hen, & I will be treating the coop & the whole flock for mites. This black scab doesn’t look like a mite, though. I’ve been searching online & can’t seem to figure out what it may be or what should be done about it.


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Oh, dear! Poor girl! Yeah, these chickens have kept us on our toes, for sure! The hiding of symptoms makes it harder to spot potential problems, unlike cats & dogs.

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