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Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by Glenda L Heywood, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Glenda L Heywood

    Glenda L Heywood Songster

    Apr 11, 2009
    Also coccidiosis in chickeens?
    This answer came as to turkeys
    The chickens DO NOT get blackhead but give it to turkeys
    the chickens get the germ from eating worms out of the soil
    but this is what a lady on
    told she gives turkeys for black head.
    I know one lady said she gives it to chickens for the amount of vitamin c in it and their good health

    The lady emailed this:

    AS I stay away from chemicals with my turkeys as much as possible. I'm interested in the cayenne pepper prevention method. I have been using garlic, but have been reading cayenne is better. They say to use 1 tbsp per 20 litre of feed. How do I convert that to lbs of feed? It was from a man in canada, who had excellent results.

    GLH I believe a litre is 1/5 more than a qt. So a qt is 4 cups a litre is 5 cups. I would use a litre soda bottle cut the top off to get the feed in and fill with feed and then add the cayenne pepper. I also would use the garlic in the feed or water as it prevents colds, and not blackhead. Your cayenne pepper will prevent the blackhead.

    Larry Ross, RR3, Clifford Canada

    2 yrs after raising turkeys Blackhead is a problem. Blackhead is caused by prtozoans. It can kill a flock of turkeys in less than amonth. Protozoans are single celled, microscopic animal life. I have tried several natural remedies to kill the protozoans responsible. I started looking for something else when my trials with garlic powder prove only partially effective.

    I've done this 1 yr, I've had excellent results with cayenne powder. I use it at rate of 1 rounded tbsp per 20 litres of chopped feed. Cayenne isn't water soluble, but still works in drinking water. I sue the same rate but allow it to soak & then stir mixture well. The water method is essenital for the sicker birds who won't eat. During the out break in 1993, I used cayenne in both the feed and water at first. Later on only in the feed.

    Cayenne does more than prevent and cure blackhead in turkeys. it also seems effective in preventing & treating coccidosis in chickens & turkeys. Free ranging chickens one can't insure they eat just the treatd feed or water. So locking them up at night and giving them the treated feed & water before letting out is one answer.

    Cayenne has several advantages. The flavor of the meat was not affected. I keep the birds off cayenne three days before slaughter. Being a food substance for humans, cayenne bypasses registration as a drug. ( note in canada all medications have to go thru a vet) It is cheap $5.00 lb thru a meat processer. As opposed to $30-$40.00 for emtryl per 500 mg.

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