Blackhead in North Alabama?


11 Years
Apr 17, 2010
North Alabama
Does anyone know if Blackhead is a problem in North Central Alabama or South Central Tennessee? I have chickens, and would really love to try some turkeys.
Now to find some turkeys for sale...
You could ask the local ag extension folks or see if anyone in your area has both chickens and turkeys.
I'd like to try several varieties, including White Holland and Royal Palm. I see you have Bourbon Reds... Do you have any spare eggs to sell?
I live on sand mountian in georgia about 1.5 miles from alabama and tennessee the north west corner of georgia and I have both they were togather but the turkeys get too big and its not real great for the chickens no black head at all here
I do not have any eggs, but I do have a Royal Palm Tom, a Chocolate hen, and a Blue Slate (not 100% sure if it is a male or female yet) that I have for sale. If you are looking for chicks, they may be hard to come by at this time of year. I do know a guy in Cullman who may have some, his name is Ray Buzbee. His number is (256) 287-1422. He has a nice variety. Hope this helps!
Thanks... I'm tempted, but I'm going to hold out for eggs or babies. Now if you had a Royal Palm hen to go with that tom I might break down and buy them...
I am in new market and really don;t think that you will find any "babies' this year and definatly not eggs. My hens stopped laying over 2 months ago. If you want a little bit older turkey or full grown try dog days flea market in Ardmore. There is a guy there with lots of chickens taht normally has turkeys too. the best time to go is Sunday morning.

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