Bleeding Beak!

Bridie Chick

Jul 14, 2016
Hi guys,

I have just introduced 2 large Plymouth Rocks to my coop which already contains 4 point of lay. I let them in the main pen (which is very large) with the others but noticed the pecking was quite severe and one of my Plymouth's started to bleed from her beak or mouth!! So I have now devided the pen and the 2 new ones are on there own although they cal all still see each other to get used to one another. After a couple of hours she is still dripping blood out of her mouth?? Will she be ok????
Welcome to BYC.

Can you post some photos?
Is her beak broken?
Where exactly is the blood coming from?
If she is still bleeding after a couple of hours you need to find the source of blood and see if you can stop the flow.
She has stopped bleeding and I have ensured she is clean and warm, cosy out of harms reach with plenty of food and water. I will keep a close eye on her. Thanks again

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