Bleeding legs

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Apr 16, 2017
One of my 10 month old BR pullets has been having issues with her legs. She’s not limping or anything like that....but they keep bleeding like this, crusting over, then bleeding again, etc. Do you think someone is biting her legs? I haven’t seen any of that going on, but I don’t sit and watch them all day. Any idea what this could be? She’s coming in for an Epson bath tonight and a spray of vetericyn.


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It looks like something has bitten her or she is injuring them on something. I would look for rats or mice in the coop, doing this at night, or another chicken pecking her legs. When there is blood, that can attract more pecking. Use some BluKote spray on her legs to cover the red. Look around for possible entrances for rats.
We may have mice....definitely not rats though. Nobody else is affected and this started bleeding during the day today. I will have to have a look around and see what I can find....

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