bleeding tail feathers and skunk and bird in need of a home too !!

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    May 20, 2010
    Last week my Polish rooster (4 months old) was bleeding from a broken tail feather.
    We assumed rooster fighting had occured and placed him in a huge dog kennel to heal up.
    We reintegrated him and watched closely, no fighting at all.
    Yesterday we saw the hens were the culprits, each going for another one of his tail feathers.
    They have all grown up together from day old so not sure why this behavior has just started?
    Within a minute or so another tail feather snapped and he began bleeding.
    Needles to say, we immediately removed him back to the "safety" of the kennel.
    In the early (still dark) morning I heard him raising a besquaking ruckus and ran out to find a very young skunk has dug its way into his enclosure and was inside with him.
    My huge lab was with me and gave him a big barking (and promptly went back in the house to avoid his being sprayed)
    After putting the dog back in the skunk has slunk off.
    Apparently, the skunk did not go very far -it has hidden itself just behing the kennel under some pallets holding a stack of old doors -
    it tried to spray my other dog as he tried to get it out, but missed, and sprayed the ROOSTER through the kennel.
    I am now unsure if the skunk is gone????
    Other than shooting it how do I get rid of it???
    Should poor Mr Polish get washed???
    Lastly, anybody near VT want to adopt him - he's buff laced and just gorgeous (though currently smelly!)???
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