Bleeding toe . . . what to do?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by lauramacf, May 14, 2010.

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    Hi guys, a hen has a bleeding toe, it looks like her toenail got pulled out when she startled. I put liquid bandage on it and that seems to seal it up for a while, but then it starts bleeding again.

    Is there a better product to use to stop the bleeding long enough for healing to take place or will I need to cauterize? If cauterizing is necessary, what's the best way (my husband is talking about a soldering gun, but I read in a forum about using a baked potato and am wondering if that's for real??)

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    I keep some skeptic powder handy, you can get it in any shaving section at a drug store. It seems to work well, but you need to keep your eye on things if it is too deep you might need to reapply. I seperate the wounded ones till they recover. Just keep dipping the toe in the powder. Also don't use the same powder if you cut yourself shaving, get your own. [​IMG]
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    Laura In My Experience.... Let It Bleed. All Bleeding Eventually Stops [​IMG]

    If You Are Concerned And Feel The Need To Apply Something I Use Bluecote, Or Generic Equivalent, Tho Its Rarely Necessary With Coturnix, They Will Heal Up From The Most Amazing Injuries--- They Seem To Have Majical Healing Powers Like That.
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    Thanks for the help you guys. After I wrote this I ran out and found some of that powder in the pet store, designed for applying to wounds from nail and wing clipping (I avoid the kind with benzocaine because I'd heard that can be bad for birds--even thougg the package said it's for birds!)

    by the time I'd gotten back it seems the liquid bandage did the trick, and she was not bleeding anymore and acting like I was crazy for worrying about her. But now I have the powder and will be better prepared next time! I've decided I need to set up a quail first aid kit, just so I can avoid these frenzied, panicked trips to the store.

    I did end up moving her to a new cage, one without a wire floor, which she loves. Her mate had to go with her, though, the whole episode seemed more traumatizing to him, he crowed the whole time we had her out of the cage to fix her foot.

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