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    Aug 8, 2013
    I have a small free range flock, from which my first chicks this year were born end of May. Recently, a month or so maybe, the hen started to keep her right eye closed and didn't run around as she used to. I've been watching her and she is now fully blind but there is no apparent disease symptoms, discharge or scratching her eyes. She had gotten thinner before i stepped in and offer food and water, trying to train her go move towards the noises, which sometimes she does! Well i have been reading lots of stuff abour worms here and wherever i can, but no where do i see the worms i saw in the blind hens cecal poop yesterday. Ther were uniformly around one half inch long and VERY ACTIVE!! Upon talking with my local feed store guy, he feels they could be wire worms. I have given the Wazine treatment today, but fear it won't do much. The hen is not sick, if i hadn't seen them I would never have known, all the poops i pick up, everything on the deck, and everyone else i ever saw was worm free.

    Any thoughts or ideas for me? I have to throw away eggs for 7 days tbey say.......
    Thanks all youns!
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    Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan [​IMG]

    If one of your flock has worms, they are all very likely infested, whether you see them or not - usually only the microscopic eggs pass in the stool. You should consider doing a whole-flock deworming. Do a search in the Parasites section for more information.
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    Aug 8, 2013
    Yep, every last one, with the Wazine today, but as i did read that suggested info already, i know wire worms are not mentioned but as a garden pest which chickens are used to control.

    I also can find only one not withdrawn antiparasitic besides the Wazine, also water dosed.

    I guessed i will use the natural things I've seen, like feeding pumpkin seeds and/or garlic, also cayenne pepper.
    I also plan to add a blend of probiotics, enzymes, and algae, alfalfa sprouts in it too. I use it for all my other critters, even parakeets, so....

    I have not seen the worms again. I wonder if they came out because i have been giving her powerful probiotics lately, hoping maybe she has an infection or something that may go away and return her sight..

    Still, WHAT ARE THEY??

    Anyone ever have one go blind like this??
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    Eye worm? Who knows. I would worm the entire flock with something effective like Valbazen or Safeguard. Wazine is only going to get rid of any round worms they may have, nothing else, and there are lots of nasty parasites chickens can and will pick up. If you are seeing worms in the poop then they are carrying a heavy load. Valbazen and the liquid Safeguard for goats are easy to administer orally to each chicken, that way you know everybody got the exact dose they need. Delivering any kind of medication via the water is always a bit hit and miss as birds may consume more or less water per day given the weather or if they are sick/not feeling well.

    She did not get worms due to being on probiotic's, she got them because worms and their eggs are always in the environment. At this point, with her condition and the fact that you've seen things in their poop, I would not depend on things like pumpkin seeds to get her over this. She needs serious help getting rid of whatever these parasites are.
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    Welcome to the site and best of luck!
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    Aug 8, 2013
    I have only seen the worms one time.. yes i know she did not get them FROM the probiotic, but as that is also a treatment to help get back into balance, i think the syringeful of concentrated probiotics forced them out en masse! There has been nothing at all today, leading me to feel they don't have roundworms! So it seems they were in the cecal stool, and the one so far today is free of visible worms. I use shavings in the coop and its never wet. But they eat all over the yard and theres lots of things passing thru here. A couple of Turkey moms and turklets were here this morning...

    Thank you for your ideas, i would like to keep using my eggs, since i am not raising for meat, but these chemicals are worrisome.

    Chickens eat worms on purpose, i would like to think the creator would provide balance if we can find it! I bet in nature they would be able to find certain plants or dirt to aid killing parasites. We probably pull them out as weeds !!
    Also DE is now a part of my applesauce treat. I really would like to avoid using more synthetic compounds.

    So.....anyone else have or heard of one going blind like her? She was a good mom.. very pretty and a nice girl so I'd really like to help her..
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  7. rapjurr

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    Aug 8, 2013
    Thanks a bunch, I'm hopeful....
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    I agree with Cafarm re: worms

    On another note:
    Yesterday when I was browsing I found a post on a hen that had "eye worms," so they do exist. I'm not saying that is what your bird has - hers had a swollen eye, but, it was really gruesome - never heard of that before. She said her vet had never heard of it before either.
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