Blind Chicken individual cage acting drunk

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May 22, 2014
Cheney, WA
We have a Barred Rock that is about 16 months old. When she was 4 months she was blinded by the other hens, so we put her in her own cage and she has become our pet. We would let her out when we were able to watch her.

Today she is acting drunk. She has been in her cage and not outside the last three days because we had a family medical emergency. My husband asked me if I looked at her today, and said she is wobbling. She can't stand up without swaying and she can't walk without stumbling over herself.

The only change we have made in the last two weeks is we used pine shavings instead of pine pellets. What is possibly wrong with her, anybody?
I have learned to never underestimate the power of Mother Nature!

Ruby never stopped eating or drinking, which is why Merck's is fatal. After 8 weeks, not only is she healthy and walking steady but after 7 months of not laying, on September 8 she began laying again. In 20 days she has laid 13 eggs!!!!

When she first started wobbling I started giving her Rooster Booster Vitamins & Electrolytes with Lacto Bacillus in her water. In the small water container (16 0zs?) I used 2/3 teaspoon. They recommend 1/3 teaspoon for each gallon. Even though the feed that says is a balanced diet for most chickens, wasn't enough for Ruby.

Every day a learning experience!!!

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