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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Birdydeb, Jun 26, 2016.

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    I have a little ducking that will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. I had noticed for the past week that she was a lot smaller than the others but just assumed she was a runt. Last night she could barely hold her head up and I rushed to get some Nutri-Drench and water in her. Also got just a bit of mashed up egg in her. I couldn't figure out what the heck was wrong with her and was frantically searching this site. Just before I put her up for the night I realized from watching her....she can't see! :( I can wave my hand in front of her, she doesn't react but she does react to sounds...she jumps. She was alive and about 50% better this morning. I made her a mash of egg and her feed. She was slowly slurping it up from a spoon. I syringed some water to her and she is resting. Any other suggestions? She does not have a full crop yet but it now has some food in it. I figured I would take it slowly with hand feeding her some mash and would try to keep her hydrated. Her "hospital" brooder is sitting on a heating pad and the temp is 80. Should I try to get it around 85? I am really kicking myself that I didn't realize her problem sooner but I just assumed she was a runt and would catch up. :( Thanks for any advice or help. Of all the animals I have nursed, a blind duckling is a first. As with all the others: as long as she fights, I fight.

    Eta: also I have an Avi-Temp panel from nursing sick parrots, should I use that as a heat source for her? Can't even think right now how to explain the type heat it is. It proved to be too hot for chicks when I tried that is why I am hesitant and went for the heating pad.
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    At two weeks, 80F should be just about right for her.

    You may want to think about hanging a chime or putting some kind of auditory clue for her near the water and feed. Certainly for now she needs to catch up so she can develop.

    I might put poultry vitamins with probiotics in their water once a week for a boost - it won't hurt the others. And perhaps add a tablespoon of brewer's yeast (not baking, not winemaking, it's a nutritional supplement) per cup of food for all of them. It's a long shot, but B vitamin deficiency affects nerve development - I feel there is a tiny chance it might help her. Not all ducklings show problems with low B vitamin levels, but many do.
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    @ Amiga Update: I don't that she is totally blind after all. I am thinking that as the runt she just didn't get to food and water like she needed. She is in a brooder by herself and eating ,drinking on her own and as of yesterday pooping normal poops. My newbie stupidity I guess. :( She is doing well enough now that I am thinking of putting a buddy with her. I gave her some rolled up socks to sleep with and she cuddled with them. She is still a bit unsteady but stands and walks....tries to preen and shakes those tail feathers. :) But she is lonely so I will put a buddy with her today. This little girl had an amazing will to survive. I thought I would have lost her by now but it seems we have turned a corner. Hoping this ordeal hasn't affected her too much. :(

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