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  1. sunnysideupx

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    Feb 10, 2013
    we successfully hatched out eight ducklings last week, all were doing well, however one of the ducklings fell on their back in the brooding box overnight and couldnt get up, when i got to her she was quite distressed and shivering. we seperated her and kept her warm but she couldnt walk, as her legs seemed stuck in the position they were in when shed been stuck on her back. she was very quiet and wouldnt eat or drink easily. we managed to get a small amount of food and water down her and got her to sleep with her legs in the position they should be. this greatly helped and by the next morning she was eating and drinking herself and her legs were much better and she was tottering around.
    we put her back with the others for company, but it was a bit much as she still wasnt too steady on her feet, so we seperated her again. the others have now gone to a friends farm where they will be well looked after, but we felt we would keep her because she was still quite vulnerable and falling on her back.
    she has a little swim and enjoys that, but we noticed that she walks around in circles alot and we are pretty sure she is blind. she doesnt react to waving my hand next to either eye, or shining a light.
    on the plus side she fell on her back this morning and managed to get herself upright again which she hasnt been able to do in the past, however she is still a bit unsteady on her feet.
    my question is, we dont mind having her as a pet, but is this the best thing for her, do you think she will have any sort of quality of life, or is the kindest thing to do to put her down?


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    Apr 13, 2012
    I think a blind duck could still have a happy life.
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    I would give her a chance. Feels to me like this is a nutrient deficiency. That can happen - some ducklings just need more vitamins than others. If you have sav-a-chick, or gro-gel, start with that. She or he needs extra vitamins, electrolytes, and probiotics. And continue to keep her warm enough with plenty of fresh water and food. What will you be feeding her? If chick starter, add some niacin (100 to 150 mg per gallon of water) to her drinking water or a tablespoon of brewer's yeast a day to her food.

    And please keep us posted.
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    And you might want to consider bringing one of the duckling back so she has a bit of company, a duck by itself can be very lonely. [​IMG]
  5. sunnysideupx

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    Feb 10, 2013
    thankyou very much for all the advice, we have put some brewers yeast in for her and ive ordered some water soluble vitamins so hopefully they should come soon. will keep you posted :)

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