blind hen after sitting on eggs??

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    Dec 19, 2010
    I have a pair of silkie chickens who are about a year old. THe hen had her first eggs this summer and I was not sure if the eggs were fertilized. When she went to sit on them I was going to let nature take its course. Prior to sitting on the eggs, Twiggy was a very alert, clever, active and quick hen. I let her sit on the eggs for too long. When she did finally decide enough was enough, (5-6 weeks) she was very different. SHe progressively seemed to lose her vison, and sense of balance. I did as much research as I could and found that giving the polyvisol childrens vitamins was recommended (thinking that she had a vitamin deficieny from not eating enough while on the eegs) SHe is able to find her food and water and follows her friend around and seems otherwise healthy. I feel so sad when I see her now because she looks lost and in a fog. I miss my old Twiggy and need help and advise to solve this problem. Unfortunately there are not any vets who treat chickens in my area.
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    Welcome to Byc. Sorry I don't have any good ideas for you. I think continuing the vitamins and good nutrition to build her up is a good start. Maybe antibiotic in her water. Continue to research online for a remedy or maybe call the usda animal and plant health inspection service for advice. Or find an avian vet and call them to ask for advice even if you can't take her in.
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    I think their are a few on BYC that have blind hens. They need a little protection and special care, but seem to live a chicken filled life. Maybe the old timers will chime in. Good luck and [​IMG]
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    Apr 9, 2010
    we had a leghorn that was broody for 2 months she was just friendlier
    If she does go blind keep every thing in the same spot low perches and nestboxes for her

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