blinded emaciated hen

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Aug 13, 2016
ive had chickens for about two years now ... a flock of about 15 and growning. About three weeks ago I noticed one of my hens was blind. I dont know how this happened but it is not eye worms. Maybe one of my Great Pyres ran over her or my neighbors horse did im not sure. She is not a tame bird and because of this i did not notcie sometihng was wrong until she was so weak and emaciated just because she was following one of her buddies around the yard until she just couldnt do it anymore. Ive been feeding her mixtures of oats applesauce buttermilk and yogurt along with any kind of protien based table scraps we have and taking it to her once an hour or so some days she eats some days she doesnt ... is there anything ican get to giver her to give her a fighting chance to get strong again. she is nothing but skin and bones. If she will get mobile again thats all i want.

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