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  1. My Marans hen has grape-sized blisters between her toes. She's not favoring that leg at all.

    We have her isolated in a wire cage but I'm going to work on padding the floor as soon as I send this off. It looks like she might have bumblefoot.

    All of the hens in that pen are looking the worse for wear (combination of randy roos and a duck family that has moved in). Dh is building a larger coop and too many birds are spending the night in too small a space. I can hear the drill as I type so hopefully they can be moved today.

    In the meantime - the blisters on the feet look just like that - blisters. More water-filled than pus.

    I know what I'm planning to do but thought I'd not jump into it and get some advice from others. I'll post a pic of the foot ASAP.
  2. Here are the photos.

    Whatever it is, she has it on both feet. The left foot is the worst. The right looks like it is just starting. It sure hasn't slowed her down.

    When I opened the cage to get the photos and add some shavings she flew out and gave Dh a run for his money!

    I also notice that she's growing spurs! What's with that?

    Anyway, Here are some pics.

    Here is the top of her left foot.


    The typical 'bumblefoot' scab on the bottom.


    The curious 'blister' coming on the right foot. Curious since bumblefoot isn't supposed to be catching but rather injury caused. The bottom of this foot is fine. No sign of any injury.


    Last picture - a view of both feet AND her spurs. She hatched in Nov 2007.


    I'm thinking about treating with grapefruit seed extract. It's been a miracle with the cats. It knocks out abscesses with one treatment and extremely quick. If anyone has heard that you can't use it with poultry, let me know - I'm not in a hurry. THANKS!!
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    That is bumblefoot with the infection in the pad swelling up through the toes. I see it if it gets out of hand. Treat the bumble on he bottom of the pad and the swelling between the toes will go down.
  4. Guess when we start moving the girls around this weekend we'll have to check the bottoms of their feet. I've had chickens that limped before but they never had bumblefoot. This chicken never limped and has a bad infection.

    We have all of the needed 'stuff' to work on her tomorrow morning when I have some extra hands to help.

    Thanks for the quick reply!
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    Jan 11, 2007
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    Just want to state two facts..not all cases of bumblefoot invovles Staph, And poultry isolates are different than human types, Its not cross infective...
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    Okay, so the doctor recommends these meds:

    Lincomycin 50 to 100 mg per bird per day for 7 to 10 days,or Doxycycline 50 to 100 mg per bird per day for 7 to 10 days,or amoxicillin at the rate of 250 mg per bird per day for 10 to 14 days and in some cases 500 mg per bird per day may be necessary but give it twice per day for 10 to 14 days. Cephalexin capsules work well in soft tissue and should be given at the rate of one 250 mg capsule once or twice per day for 7 to 10 days

    What type needle and syringe needs to be used. And I keep hearing Baytril is the med of choice but now I'm wondering since he didn't mention it. ?????
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    I use a 3 cc. syringe and 18 or 20 gauge 1/2 inch length needle. get them at tractor supply....
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    Baytril is a good med...
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    So which on will work the best? I just read on another post that 1 cc of Penicillin in the thigh also works good. So is it the chest or thigh? There are so many different answers. I just need something that is going to work good.

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