Bloated Puffy Peep

Tom and Mindy

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Jan 23, 2010
We have a new isssue......a week old jersey white giant had the crusty clumb on her rear. Cleaned it and watched her and she was able to pooo. But she is huge and feels bloated even her head. What could this be?
I don't know but can you post pictures? Others might be able to help better with pics, and also tell what are you feeding, what is housing situation/temp in brooder, how long has this been going on, is she eating/drinking, is she walking around normally, any other behavioral changes, etc.
She is eating, drinking, walking normal other than looking like a blow fish ready to pop! We were feeding her medicated feed. I pulled her off of the medicated feed and started with the vita drops, hard boiled egg yolks and layer mesh (just a little) She is indoors under a heat lamp 85 degrees. She is double the size of the other peeps and feels full of fluid even around her head. The pictues you can see it very clear.
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We are pretty new at this so I was hoping it was a common thing, but evidently not. She keeps up with the rest, but just looks and feels funny.
I had a chick that hatched a couple weeks ago with the large head. She wasn't bloated anywhere else, just the head. Also did not have pasty butt.
Good luck with your chick and hope someone can help you.
After you pulled the yuck off her and she pooed....
Did you apply olive oil to the area? If not, dab it on with a q-tip. This helps lubricate the area for awhile so it wont get stuck again.
No, but I will thank you....still filled with fluid. I am going to try benadryl tonight.

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