Blood and mucus eggs.


May 8, 2017
Hi everyone!

I've 3 lovely chickens they're about a year old who lay me wonderful blue eegs almost every single day.
Today I let the dogs into the garden (fenced off section from the chickens) an they start barking, so I stick my head out to see whats up an there is my chicken, squatting in the middle of the lawn. I thought she was just having a large poop but apparently not. As soon as I realized what was happening I ran upstairs to grab my phone because I wanted to film it, I've had chickens for several years and never once have I seen one lay an egg, let alone outside of her boxes in broad daylight so I was very excited. Came back down an I missed the magic moment sadly, went to grab the egg anyway an that's when I realized it was covered with blood and mucus which has never happened before. It's also oddly shaped and appears to have a strange discolored crack on it also. I've attached some pictures, any thoughts?

As you can see it's not a small egg, so maybe she had trouble passing it? I just don't want her to be ill. They're not cuddly chickens by any means but I'm still attached to them an would be very upset if she was sick.
It does look like it was a doozy to lay. The blood is from the cloaca stretching, the crack could be from her pausing, and sometimes they are formed with a weak middle. The mucous looks like possibly poop to me. My turkeys often just drop eggs especially if they can't get to where they want to lay. It was probably a fluke egg and I wouldn't necessarily be worried at this point.

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