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  1. Rasuka

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    Yesterday when I went to check on the nesting boxes, all of them where clean and had all of the nesting straws in it.
    However, this morning I went to check on my hens and two nesting boxes had blood.
    The one on the bottom shelf was just a streak of dried blood here and there.
    The nesting box on the top was a blood bath. I think it may be one of my chicken that just started to lay... But it's strange because her eggs don't have blood spots on them.
    I do have one Australorp that has blood spots on her eggs from time to time.
    Would it be her?
    Could somebody help? What should I do?
    I know surely this amount of blood is not normal, and what signs should I look for to tell which chicken was it that was losing this much blood?
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    Feb 2, 2009
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    Wow! That is strange. I assume you have counted all your chickens and none are missing.

    I have trouble even imagining how that could happen with your chickens and you not see the blood on their feathers. It’s not unusual for their poop to have a bit of red color in it, either from their blood or maybe something they ate like beets, but what you describe is not from their poop.

    Are you sure it has anything to do with your chickens? How possible is it that some predator, maybe a member of the weasel family, caught another animal up there, then carried the body away to feast on? Or two other animals fought and one was injured, but both ran away?

    I’m truly at a loss for a rational explanation.
  3. Rasuka

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    Well, at first I thought it may be some other animal...
    But... IT would have to be rodents who could dig and dig underground.
    My chickens have a coop, then a personal yard that is fully fenced around and covered with a bird net so hawks can't fly in and swoop them away.
    I could tell it may be one of my chickens because one of the nesting boxes that had less blood in it had the tracks of chicken feet.
    I just checked their feet, all 6 of my chickens did not have cuts, nor open wounds...
    I don't know if mice can climb that high into the nesting area or not...
    But last night I went to put them up the blood wasn't in the nesting boxes because I checked.
    This morning, the blood, and blood pool was already dried.

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