Blood colored slime?


10 Years
May 21, 2009
New york
Today I went to fill my 1 gal plastic water that I have in the brooder with my ducks and meatbirds. When I opened it to fill it I noticed a thick layer of blood colored slime. It was on the circle part that makes contact with the water. It's the one galon drinkers you normaly see at feed stores. What is this? I cleaned it off and put it back in the brooder.
Could be cyanobacteria, actually called s slime mold. Often found in fish tanks with high levels of dissolved organic materials. Usually it's a thin layer though but in a waterer possibly it could settle at the bottom. Not sure just a suggestion. I would add 1Tblsp. of ACV to the water for prevention, but I am not sure what age using ACV is safe in chicks. There is also a mold called "dog vomit mold" that is a slimy blood red, but the other mold I mentioned is also dark red. Whatever it's probably a mold. No sick chicks, no signs of illness? Are they pooing int there water dish alot? That may aid in mold growth.
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The slime is always a sign of mold growing. It doesn't necessarily mean the chicks will get sick. The leaching could be a possibility, but the slimy film on wet things is a sign of mold growth. ACV is very good for chickens, many people on BYC reccomend it, I just don't know what age is safe to start. ACV has several benefits, and I know it kills and retards mold/mildew growth which is why I mentioned it. Seems like a win/win situation in your case if the chicks are old enough for it. Hope this helps. Is there a possibility anything got into the water to cause the leaching other than mold doing it? A chemicle or something.

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