blood in hatching chicken egg


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May 20, 2020
so my chicken eggs are on day 24 maybe 25 of incubation, started to think they wasnt going to hatch then i seen a little pipp and got excited

then about 15 hours later pip got a little bigger but noticed blood init?

cchecked it this morn
ing about 5 hours later and its still hatching strill life
and it was never asisted in hatching either but i did take the lid off once or twice? not for long maybe 1 mins max each time
Is the membrane around the chick wet or has it dried out? If it looks dry apply water to it with a paper towel and try and get the humidity higher. Put lid back on and check hourly

it was pretty dry last night but I raised humidity just from common sense.. the hour since I posted this post little chicky has hatched but it has a red fleshy ball on it bottom is that something to do with the yolk? If I’m correct but mr wife seems to be worried about a white And brown gooey substance on it bum on the fleshy bit described
Temp has a lot to do with the day try hatch. I would leave this egg be unless it declines.
It’s hatched now but legs are shaking a lot and on it’s back is that normal?


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I would say that that is the yolk sac. Exactly the same as our 5th chick. Keep it in the incubator but cover it with the egg shell the best you csn and a moist paper towel. Apparently they need to absorb this on their own. Ours has managed to do so but is lying on the incubator floor (to me what's seem to be dying slowly) this is our first time so I can't assist more.

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