Blood in hatching duck egg?


11 Years
Jan 18, 2009
Cut and Shoot, Texas
I have been hatching ducks for a long time and never had this happen before. I usually have to help my babies hatch (if I don't I end up with a lot of fully developed babies that never make it out) once they peep and break the first hole, I just break the hole a little bigger and make sure they have a breathing hole through the membrane. I usually don't have to do much and they finnish the job. Tonight I went to help one that had a pretty good start and when I pulled back the membrane a little bit blood caming pouring out. This scared me and I looked a little bit to try and see where the blood could be coming from and didn't find anything obviouse. Any ideas? Also the babie is hatching from the wrong end of the egg. Just a little worried.

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