blood in my coop and around the nesting boxes

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    Jun 6, 2011
    Its been getting a little cold finally and we were worried about one of our girls molting. She seems to be fine, we've been monitoring anyone picking on her and alls well there.

    However I've noticed small amounts of blood on eggs once in a while when collecting. I didn't think much of it, thought maybe it happened once in a while. Yet today I was exchanging their shavings, and noticed small amounts of blood on the inside walls and the nesting boxes too. All appear fine from the outside. Is this a condition? Should I be worred someone is having difficulty laying? Or did someone cut them selves a week ago and I"m finding evidence now?

    I do see frostbite on one birds coomb, but nothing I'd worry about. It doesn't seem to be bleeding. We still get (from 8 birds) 4-7 eggs a day. We upped the protein for the molting bird, but its a mix. They do get their own shells grinded up with our compost once a week (bread, greens, grains, etc.) Are there body parts I need to be paying more attention to?

    Baffled in Maine
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    I would check the vents of your girls. The feathers near the vents will tell you who is bleeding. When you find the hen just put some TAO (Triple Antibiotic Ointment) - general cuts, scrapes scratches or Neosporin- for cuts and sores to help in the healing. Just dab with a finger or a Q-tip but be careful. That should help. On occasions there may be a small tear to new egg layers and they have not stretched enough and the or the egg is larger than normal. Best of luck. That what I would do at least.

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