Blood in Nest Box - Not in Poop - Not a lot

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    For the last couple of days when I have checked the nest box; there has been bright red blood on the wood chips. I have checked her poop and it is not in the poop. The blood is definitely separate. She has not be laying lately (could be time of year or this issue).

    Last night I reached in and tried to feel under her to see if I could feel anything strange. She didn't really like that much; but I didn't feel anything. Not sure what I am feeling for either.

    When I look at her backside; everything looks normal (from 2 feet away). Feathers are clean back there. No traces of blood on her.

    She is about a year and a half. She is alone in this coop (she was being picked on in her previous home with others).

    Based on where it is in the nest and the way she sits in there, I would say its coming from her backside.

    The chips aren't muddy like if she had a bloody foot or something.

  2. Eggcessive

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Sorry that you haven't got any answers. Could she be blowing any bloody mucus out of her nose? I'm stumped.
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    Sep 12, 2012
    Maybe it's not her actual foot, but part of her leg? A part that wouldn't touch anything unless she was laying down?

    You said there are wood chips in the nest. Could she be getting a spot of irritation on her leg somehow? And could those wood chips be breaking the scab back off?

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