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Hi all,

I do have photo, but I can't post photos yet. I have 20 barred rocks, 3 orpingtons and 1 buff brahma. They are all between 11 and 18 days old. I did lose one chick soon after I got it from the supplier, but the rest have appeared healthy. However, this morning I came across a watery, bloody poo in the area brooder. There was solids with it, but the water portion of the poo was red. Unfortunately, I don't know who produced it. I watched them for about 1/2 hour this morning and I didn't see anyone produce another. I need to get to work soon, but I will keep a close eye on them when I get back.

Would this be a sign of Cocci? I'm pretty new to this whole chicken thing. Everyone looks normal and healthy. They are all feeding and drinking. I did put some Poul-vite in their water today. Any other suggestions or am I overreacting at this point.

I would love to post a pic, but I don't have those capabilities yet.

I would probably say that it look like the 'watery' dropping, but it had blood in it, like the coccidiosis dropping (not the normal, intestinal ones) but no where near as dark red or 'thick'.

They all seem to be feeding and none of them are shying away from the heat lamps, but I will keep a closer eye on them.

Again, it was only one dropping, but I know cocci can work quickly and I don't want the rest of the flock to get sick too.

I don't think they can get cocci that young. I've read it takes 6-8 weeks for it to grow in their environment I could be wrong though.
Coccidiosis can strike a chick even if they haven't been on the ground, and even if they have been on medicated feed. They are at the prime age for it (under around 8 weeks).

Here is a link for coccidiosis:

I'd start Corid (it is used off label- in the cattle section of the feed store) if you think it was a bloody poo, not just shed intestinal lining.

Liquid blood in the stool is not normal.

When mine had it the poo wasn't thick blood, just liquid blood.

If you decide to treat and need advice on Corid (amprolium), there are numerous threads on it, or you can just ask!

If you do treat with Corid, don't administer vitamins at the same time.

There is another medication called Sulmet that is sold in the poultry section of the feed store and kills more strains of cocci, but tends to be harder on their systems than Corid from what I have read.

When my chicks had it, everyone looked normal and healthy except one (and there were a lot of them with bloody poo). The one showing lethargy and looking puffed up died the day after I started treatment.
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I must say thank you - that really is a great Poo Site - !!!!!!!!!!

Agreed. It's one of the ones I keep handy in the "Chicken" folder on my bookmark bar.

I don't want to trouble you, I'm sure you are concerned enough as it is, but there is an educational (and somewhat difficult to watch) video regarding Coccidiosis here. Definitely medicate the whole flock. After the infection, your flock will have an immunity.
I called the local feed store. They only have Sodium sulphamethazene. I hear it is rough on the intestines, should I give it to the whole flock? There's one or two that I'm suspecting that have it (a bit slower growing and are a little less active than the rest). All of the sites everyone gave were very helpful. Thanks so much!

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