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    Mar 6, 2011
    I have 6 hens who will be 1 yr old in April, 5 Dominiques and 1 Road Island Red, no roosters. They've been laying eggs regularly since last September. Their egg output increased during winter months since I "extended" their daylight time with artificial light on a timer over their run. I have noticed repeatedly streaks of blood inside an egg, mostly on the yolk or between the yolk and white. It happens occasionally, not every day. Again, there are no roosters so the eggs are not fertilized and there are no other signs of an embryo. My feeling is that it is nothing serious. I am not a professional farmer or poultry raiser nor an avian biologist. It moderately bothers my wife. Anything I should be concerned about? Thanks.
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    Hello MichaelBe - Occasional blood spots and streaks in eggs, while not very appealing, are normal and nothing to be concerned about. I usually just pick the blood spots out and use the remainder of the egg. If there is too much blood for my liking, I scramble the egg to feed to my hens. Here is a link with more information.
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    (Occasional) blood spots are normal. Just pick them out of the bowl before you whip or scramble your eggs.

    I have read on BYC that the commercial egg industry candles eggs and doesn't sell the ones with blood spots, which is why you aren't used to it.
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