Blood on eggs


9 Years
Feb 3, 2010
I have 3 Americauna hens and occasionally I get an egg with a bit of blood on it. Should I be concerned about the hen??? The hens are about 9 months old.

Many thanks! You have put my heart to rest! These are the first hens I have ever had and there is SO much to learn. Love this site!

I agree. A smear is perfectly normal. I used to worry about everything too, so you are not alone on that! Everyone here finally taught me to relax and enjoy them
So the feedback is that it is perfectly fine and normal to have eggs with a smearing of blood on the shell?

Reason I'm asking is one of my B.O. s last two eggs had blood smearings. I just wiped it off but it does have me wondering if everything is kosher.

Thanks for any additional info & a question. What causes this?

I am also wondering at what point do you need to worry about smeared blood on the eggs?
We got a bloody egg yesterday from our Silver Laced Wyandotte after at least 2 weeks of not laying (she is 9 months). 2 weeks ago we had to kill our Australorp after she became egg bound and i'm wondering if this is a sign we missed? if it is what can we do?
We have got bloody eggs off and on in the past and i just thought it was normal (like everyone is saying)- but after dealing with an egg bound chicken and not having a good outcome- i want to avoid that again if at all possible.
I have a state poultry health person coming by next week. I'm going to discuss this topic. I had five yesterday with smearing.

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