Blood Ring? see pics


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Aug 1, 2013
Is this a blood ring or did I kill my chick?

Candled at day6 & noticed what looks like blood ring in 3 eggs. Today's day 10 & I didn't notice any changes in these eggs, so I cracked one open. No movement. No odor. Should I remove the other two or wait another couple days?

I never used to remove eggs, but last year I had an egg pop open on day 20 while all the chicks were pipping. I thought the bad egg was actually hatching due to all the rocking & rolling going on. (Other eggs were quite active causing the bad egg to move.) I never want to experience that smell again! Because I had to do an emergency incubator cleaning, only 6 out of 18 eggs hatched. My 4th & worst hatch ever!

DAY 10

That does look like a blood ring/dead embryo, but it might not have been your fault. Some embryos just aren't strong enough to survive, even under good conditions. I'd leave the other eggs in the incubator for a few more days, and then candle again.
There is a lot more development by day 10 then what you have pictured. It was an early quitter and that happens. I had a blood ring I could see candling on day 10 and two appearing clear eggs. Yup, tossed 'em without hesitation. The rest were filling in nicely with growth.
Thanks for the help. Glad to know it was blood ring & not murder. I'll probably toss the other 2 with rings tomorrow. We're getting near 14 days & almost 2/3 the egg is still clear. (Compared to the other healthy eggs which are very dark.)

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