Blood rings upon arrival

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    I just got some eggs in the mail. As I was placing them into the incubator, I candled to see how bad the aic sacs were. To my surprise, two of the eggs had blood rings! They had only been shipped three days before, but when I cracked open the eggs, there were definate blood rings along with what appeared to a 3 to 4 day old embryos. How can this happen? Could this be because of the heat during shipment? Why did only 2 of the 15 have it?
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    I Would like to know this to, for future Reverence.
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    Unfortunately if temps were prime during shipping yes, they can start to incubate:( if they did start it might have gotten too hot and killed the embryos:(... Or the person who you got eggs from was a day late or two from collection and pulled eggs that were already started from their house and shipped them. It can and has happened if eggs aren't collected everyday if not twice a day. There was a story on here about a lady getting eggs-put them in bator and 2-3 days later a chick hatched out! The person send a well advanced incubated egg and it kept right on cooking during Summer shipping! Healthy normal baby came out!!
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    Let the shipper know, they may or may not realize there's a glitch in their system!

    They may have grabbed a couple eggs, not realizing that a hen had been brooding them? If that's the case, it's sloppy work. Maybe they'll give you a partial refund or a discount on any future shipment?
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