BLOODHOUND whelp-a-long! 🐕🐾❤

Our late Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound Bruno was sporting drool threads like shoelaces all the time, and when he shook his head, he would fling them allover the place! They stuck like glue to walls, clothes or wherever they landed.:lol:

Yeah...but I know how Mason shakes his head and how fiercely those ears and lips slap. I can only imagine if he had a mouth full of drool when he did that!

Our bloodhound does more of a rattle than a shake. Big drool here only happens post food or a big drink so is easily planned for with a drool rag handy. ;)
Are liver noses something wanted? Or just a regular thing?

Dog noses come in many colors. The mom is a pretty light brown (I know there is an official name). It is normal for liver colored noses to be associated with the color these pups are. Besides that puppy noses change almost as much as the puppy as they grow.

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