BLOODY CAT (both literal and metaphorical)

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    Mar 22, 2010
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    I am currently housing my two chicks in my bedroom, the weather here is cruddy and one of my biggest fears is fire, so I am going to move the chicks outside once they are totally feathered and can handle the 50's in the night. (They don't have a heat light on them, but the house is warm.) They are 6 weeks old.

    So I am outside letting the dog out, and I come in after a little while and find my bedroom door is open. It has a sign taped to it saying,




    My name is Kalie by the way. Anywho, I am the only one home and my forgetful self left the door open. So of course I come in to my youngest cat (who is the more interested and less exposed to chickens one) on top of the brooder just.. watching them. He is on the cardboard side, and the rest is a top made with hardware cloth. So I scoop him up, and there is dark prints on the brooder.

    Turns out Sampson (the cat) HAD been standing on the hardware cloth, and my two girls decided to teach him a lesson. They pecked his pads bloody. It sounds awful, but it worked! He backed off to the cardboard, which encourages me to think with their EVER growing nails/claws, and beaks, they will be able to terrorize my youngest cat into submission. LOL. Sampson will not go in there anymore now, and I am confident when they are grown they will be able to deal just fine with him. Sampson is also a smallish cat, and these two girls will most likely OUTWEIGH him lol!!

    Just had to share [​IMG]
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    dont worry just is that they felt threatend
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    [​IMG] Oh the kitty paw pads looking like such fun things to play with...poor Samson but he learned a valuable lesson. Most cats, grown or not will not mess with a full grown chicken. They will be a threat to chickens and teenagers but not a full grown bird.

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