bloody hens


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You know you have a broody when they growl at you when you try to move them out of the box. They will raise their hackle feathers, (neck feathers) at you when you get near them while they are in the box. They may even bite you when you try to reach under them in the box. When they are out of the box, they will cluck cluck cluck all over the place. They can slow down with eating and even go pale in the comb. They will want to set in the boxes even if there are no eggs to set on.

Do you think you have a broody? They are pretty hard to break, especially if they are a determined broody. But some have luck with keeping them in a wire cage so their brood patch cools off, or even dunking them in cold water to also cool that patch off. (A broodies temp rises during broodiness. So if you can lower their temp, sometimes they will stop being broody) You can also try keeping them some place other than the coop, out of sight of it completely for a few days and sometimes this stops broodiness.

Good luck with your broodies and welcome to our flock!
When I saw the phrase "bloody hens,"
I was going to pass this by. Then I figured it might be typo for BROODY hens. When a hen is broody she usually doesn't want to leave the nest for any reason. You have to make them go outside at least once a day to eat, drink and poo. It's best to keep the other hens away - as they may tamper with her eggs and later attack new chicks.

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